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Beltrac Belt Stanchion -Premium Xtra- (3,7m belt)

SKU: 3-900-steel

Beltrac Classic with 3,7m retractable belt. Even called Beltrac Extend. The barrier is mobile and can easily be connected to several different barriers using the unique Beltrac system.

The barrier has a higth of 1m and is made out of aluminium. The base has a rubber protection to avoid scratches on your floor. The retractable belt has a length of 3,7meter. Our products are custom made, you can configure your Beltrac Classic and make it´s appearance unique. Choose between 6 different barrier colours and 14 different standard belt colours.

How do I attach the retractable belt?
The retractable belt attaches easily to next barrier or wall. When you choose to connect to a wall you will need a wall receptacle which can find here

Is there a sign frame that I can mount on top of the barrier?
Yes, you can choose between a vertical or horizontal sign frame both in A4 and A3 size. Read more here

Technical data
Weigth: approx 12 kg
Higth: 1000 mm
Material: Aluminium
Base 355 mm
Indoor and Outdoor use

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Your benefits

A big selection - We have one the largest selection of barrier products in the country.


Fast delivery - delivery time of 1-3 days for products we have in stock.


1-5 years warranty for the entire range of products. 3 years functional warranty for all Beltrac products.


Large servicecenter and workshop - We offer service on all Beltrac barrier products. Every belt mechanism gets it´s own unique batch number at production. Parts are therefore easy to identify in case you need spare parts.



Width of the retractable belt is 50 mm
Weight: approx 12 kg
Barrier higth: 1000 mm
Material: Aluminium
Base: Ø 355 mm
Indoor and outdoor use

What makes Beltrac better?

Mounting options

Choose from 5-different mounting options


Portable – The weighted base, made out of cast iron, offers incredible stability. The rubberized feet will protect the floors.

Removable – The core-mounted floor sockets makes it possible to remove the stanchion when it is not being used.

Magnetic – Multiple strong magnets keep the poles securely in place, but also makes it easy to remove them when it is needed.


Belt Colors

Standard belt colors

Intense, lively belt colours will help to elevate your brand. We can offer you 15 different standard colours as well as 2 standard messages on the belts. The belts are produced out of polyester that has been tightly woven, which is optimal for heavy-duty usage.

Belt Printing

Personalized Belts

No matter if you’re in need of 1 or 1000, our internal graphics department can personalize the artwork of your belts with the use of advanced technology for digital imprinting.

4-way connection

4-way belt connection

The patented design of the Beltrac offers a belt extension and 3 receiver ports on a single stanchion, which offers ultimate flexibility and adaptability when you set up your queue or your barriers.

Slow retracting belt

Slowly Retracting Belt Mechanism

The slowly retracting belt braking system mechanism of the Beltrac features state-of-the-art visco-rotational dampening to enable a controlled retraction of the belt, time and time again.

Belt end options

  • All Beltrac products are delivered with a standard belt end. If you require a special one, there are also these options:

Additional Info

Additional Info

Color Black; Satin; Chrome Polished
Belt Color Black Belt; Black/Yellow Belt; Blue Belt; Red Belt; Red/White Belt; Yellow Belt
Height 1000 mm
Weight 22.0000; 13.0000
Belt length 3.7m
Manufacturer Viaguide
Belt width 50mm
Placement Floor standing, Magnetic, Permanent (with bolts), Removable (floor socket)
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor, Outdoor
Post diameter 83mm
Base diameter 355mm
Base material Powder Coated Cast Iron
Material Cover Plate Stainless Steel, Steel
Floor protectors Yes
Features Belt braking system, Made in Germany

Common questions

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  • How do I attach the retractable belt?

    The retractable belt attaches easily to next barrier or wall. When you choose to connect to a wall you will need a wall receptacle which can find here