Classic stanchions and ropes

We have a wide selection of entrance products such as stanchions, barrier ropes and carpets.Read more

Wall mounted cassette with magnet

We are using our wall mounted cassette with a strong magnet and a 22m long barrier belt that is attached to a receiving stanchion in order to quickly and smoothly setup a barrier when unloading transport vehicles.Read more

Receiver posts

We are using a Beltrac Mamut receiver post that is stable thanks to the heavy base. A mobile receiver post is perfect for attaching a barrier belt from, as an example a wall mounted cassettte. Read more

Stanchions with chain

An affordable barrier is created by using stanchions and a chain, which gives you many meters of barrier at a low investment. In the example we are using barrier stanchion Robust with chain.Read more

Cone top with barrier belt

Our cones has been equipped with a Skipper cone top with a 9m retractable barrier belt.Read more about Skipper

Stanchions with retractable belt

We have a complete range of stanchions with retractable belts for crowd control management. Read more

Wall mounted retractable barrier

We are using a wall mounted retractable barrier, model Beltrac Safety with a 3m belt. We have a wide selection of wall mounted retractable barriers that comes in lenghts from 2.3-22m.Read more

Our range of barriers

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22 Item(s)

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Flexible barrier - (4m)

Excl. Tax: £223.00 Incl. Tax: £267.60

Rapid Roll - Portable safety zone (15m.)

Excl. Tax: £936.00 Incl. Tax: £1,123.20

IronGUARD - Portable safety zone (30m.)

Excl. Tax: £1,200.00 Incl. Tax: £1,440.00

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