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Wall Mounted Barriers

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Items 1 to 24 of 31 total

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For temporary or permanent safety barriers

If you're looking for wall-mounted retractable belts, we have the products. With a wall-mounted unit that is either attached with screws, double-sided tape or a magnet the safety belt could be used almost anywhere. Wheter you need to cordon off a temporary area by the crane work, a section in your warehouse or the checkout aisles at the grocery store, we have the products you're looking for.

Choose from an infinite number of color combinations on belts and wall units. Or why not customize the belts with your own print for a more professional impression.



  • Simple wall mounting

  • Choose attatchment with screw or magnet

  • Different webbing lengths (2,3m - 22m)

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  • Clear marking

  • Centrifugal braking system prevents fast retraction of the webbing

  • Bright colours for extra warning
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    Personal profiling

  • Through us you can order custom printed webbing