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Wall-mounted units with magnetic attachment

Flexible barrier with magnetic cassette

With the help of our barrier belts with wall mounted cassetts that are equipped with magnets, you can easly set up a temporary barrier in no time. Our cassettes are equipped with a strong magnet and a up to 22m long barrier belt.


Smooth handling

  • Easy

  • Mobile - one case for several spots

  • Superfast mounting

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  • Very strong magnet

  • Fits pallet racking, truck, metal door etc.

  • Webbing length 2,3m - 3,7m - 5,4m - 12m - 22m
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    Personal profiling

  • Choose a standard colour or print your logo on the webbing


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    • Beltrac Magmount 2.3m-22m (with magnetic attachment)

      1-2 days

      With the help of our wall cassette with magnetic mount, you can quickly and easily set up a temporary cordon when the magnet can be attached. The retractable cordoning belt in the wall cassette comes in sizes of 2,3m, 3,7m, 5,4m, 12m and 22m. The wall cassett consists of two strong magnets that keeps the cassett in place.

      Learn More
      £79.00 Exc. VAT £94.80 Inc. VAT


    • FlexiBarrier Wall Mount -Magnetic- (2.3 - 10.7 m belt)

      1-2 days

      FlexiBarrier -Magnetic- is a wall-mounted barrier belt equipped with magnets on a cassette as well as on the end of the barrier belt. This makes it easy to quickly set up a barrier without having to screw it into a device. FlexiBarrier Magnetic is mainly suited for industry, warehouse and manufacturing settings, and comes in two colors for the band (yellow/black and red/white) as well as band lengths from 2.3 m up to 10.7 m. More band colors are available upon request. The possibility to print on the band is also available. Learn More
      £64.00 Exc. VAT £76.80 Inc. VAT


    2 Item(s)

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