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Stationary bollards

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  • Steel bollard -Standard- for casting into concrete (Ø60-102mm)

    5-7 days

    • Ensures excellent security against vehicle intrusions

    • Hot-dip galvanization adds to durability

    • Available in various sizes

    • Ground anchor and casting in concrete keep it permanently fixed

    • Minimum maintenance, strong, and sturdy

    • Available in different sizes for versatility of use

    One effective method of ensuring pedestrian safety is to use a bollard, particularly one that is fixed at its place. Made of steel, these bollards ensure exceptional strength and can be used to protect both property and people from vehicular intrusions. Available in dimensions Ø60, Ø76, Ø89, Ø102 and Ø70x70 with the mounting cast in concrete, bollards can be used for various applications such as to prevent cars entering mounting sidewalks, alerting drivers of narrowed driveways, and protecting the stair entries in parking lots.

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  • Steel bollard -Standard- for bolting down (Ø60-102mm)

    5-7 days

    • Stationary bollards suitable for traffic control and asset protection

    • Sturdy base plate for easy installation in different surfaces

    • Yellow coating with black stripes that is easily visible in different environments

    • Hot-dip galvanized finishing for ensured durability

    • Made with high-quality steel that can withstand anything

    Fixed bollards are ideal for medium to high security in cases of property protection and traffic control. These are made using high-quality steel that provides extra security and safety and can handle knocks too. Bollards fixed by plugs can be used for multiple purposes like along property borders and car parks where vehicles are not allowed to enter. These are available in dimensions 60, 76, 89, 102 and 70x70 so that you can choose one according to your needs.

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  • Safety bollard -Extra- for bolt fixation (Ø108-273mm)

    2-3 weeks

    • Fixed with plugs for plugging down
    • Ideal as crash guards
    • Available in four dimensions; 108, 152, 193, and 273 mm
    • Heavy steel construction for added durability
    • Powder coating and hot-dip galvanization allow outdoor use

    Heavy steel bollards function as ideal crash guards and are particularly suitable to use in front of entrances, gas stations, halls, etc. These bollards are also ideal for protecting roof overhangs and can be used as guarding bollards in front of gates and ramps, etc. They are available in three dimensions, thus adding convenience. They are fixed with plugs, making them easy to install.

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  • Safety bollard -Extra- for casting in concrete (Ø108-273mm)

    5-7 days


    • Available in dimensions 102, 152, 193, and 273 mm
    • Allow a versatility of use
    • Highly visible because of the yellow powder coating and black stripes
    • Welded steep cap and steel tube ensure durability
    • Cast in concrete for added protection
    Safety bollards in galvanized steel, available in different dimensions for added convenience are ideal for protecting equipment, buildings, and pedestrians from forklift or vehicular collisions. Steel bollards are not only effective for protection but are also the least expensive and most typical bollards that definitely fulfill their purpose. They can be used in various critical-asset and pedestrian-friendly settings like traffic-sensitive areas, sidewalks, storefronts, and parking lots. Learn More

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  • Crash-Proof – Tiltable Bollards with Welded Steel Cap (Ø76 - 89mm)

    2-3 weeks

    • Steel tube and welded cap for durability
    • Available in different sizes
    • Tiltable barrier posts, making them crash-proof
    • Reduces damage while providing security
    • No need to constantly repair and replace bollards

    The flexible and tiltable steel bollard not only offers versatility of use but has a number of other benefits too. The bollard, on impact, absorbs the energy and then returns back to its original positions which makes it ideal for protecting buildings, pedestrians, vehicles, and assets from damaging collisions. Such bollards also reduce damage and make facility maintenance easier since they eliminate the need to replace and repair the bollards. Available in dimensions 76, 89, and 70x70 mm.

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