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Removable Bollards

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  • Removable safety bollard with ground socket & cylinder lock (Ø60-76mm)

    2-3 weeks

    A bollard made of galvanised steel - here in a mobile version for easy disassembly when needed to let ambulances or other authorised vehicles pass. Here in a model with a locking device in the form of a cylinder lock with a key, and it is mounted with a lowerable socket.

    A removable steel bollard with a cylinder lock. The bollard can easily be moved when needed by an authorised person, for instance to temporarily let vehicles pass. The bollard is made of galvanised steel and is mounted through molding in a ground socket. The bollard is round with a dimension of 60 or 76mm. Apart from zinc colour & red/white it is possible to get the bollards in any RAL-colour of your choice. Request a quotation for custom colour.

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  • Removable bollards

    Nextday delivery

    Removable bollards

    • Detachable and removable for versatility of use
    • Hot-dip galvanized, and steel construction enhances durability
    • Powder-coated
    • Available in different sizes
    • Coated yellow with black stripes to increase visibility

    Removable bollards provide commendable security and are great for such areas that only require temporary access. So, with the hexagon socket screw base plate fixed with bolts, you can fix them when needed and then take them out once their work is done. These are also ideal for multi-use spaces with various seasonal and day-to-day applications. Moreover, these are available in dimensions 76, 89, and 70x70 thus catering to various security needs.

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