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Height Restiction Barrier for Casting in Concrete - Model 2 (2-4,5m width)

Height Restiction Barrier for Casting in Concrete - Model 2 (2-4,5m width)

SKU: 417-2

Height restriction barrier for casting in concrete

• Comes with a vertically adjustable height clearance ranging between 1800 to 2500mm.
• Has a single piece post, hot-dip galvanized for maximum durability and strength.
• Strong aluminum cross and red reflector strips on a white coating ensure improved visibility.
• Has a pivoting horizontal bar which comes with a pull cable for convenience.
• An easily maneuverable pin opens and closes its locking system.

This barrier due to its single post and pivoting horizontal aluminum crossbar can be conveniently placed anywhere. The restriction of specifically sized traffic can be determined by adjusting the height of the crossbar. The structure is hot-dip galvanized, making it durable. Plus the red reflectors on the white coating ensure visibility enhancement.

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Locking System cross-tubelength Availability Unit Price SKU Qty
For Padlock 2000 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.201VB-1
For Padlock 2500 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.251VB-1
For Padlock 3500 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.351VB-1
For Padlock 4000 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.401VB-1
For Padlock 4500 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.451VB-1
Triangular locking mechanism 2000 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.201FB
Triangular locking mechanism 2500 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.251FB
Triangular locking mechanism 3500 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.351FB
Triangular locking mechanism 4000 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.401FB
Triangular locking mechanism 4500 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.451FB
Euro profile cylinder lock 2000 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.201ZB
Euro profile cylinder lock 2500 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.251ZB
Euro profile cylinder lock 3500 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.351ZB
Euro profile cylinder lock 4000 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.401ZB
Euro profile cylinder lock 4500 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.451ZB
Euro profile cylinder lock 3000 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.301ZB
For Padlock 3000 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.301VB-1
Triangular locking mechanism 3000 mm 1-2 days £490.00 417.301FB



Height restiction barrier for casting in concrete

Pivotable horizontally, with cable pull, lock opened or closed by pin, white coated with red reflecting stripes.

Vertical clearance variably turnable 1800 - 2800 mm.

Height above ground approx. 3000 mm.

1 piece Revolving post steel tube Ø 102 mm hot-dip galvanized and white coated.

Cross bar aluminium 100 x 50 mm white coated with red reflecting stripes.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Locking System For Padlock; Triangular locking mechanism ; Euro profile cylinder lock
Weight 45.0000; 46.5000; 49.5000; 51.0000; 52.5000; 48.0000

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