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Anti-Nudge Hoop, Double Hoop Ø 76 mm

SKU: 477-2

Anti-nudge hoop, double hoop

• Effective for worksite protection
• Can be fixed by plugs or cast in concrete
• 76 mm tube made of steel for extreme durability
• Ideal for warehouses and factories
• Powder-coated, hot-dip galvanized for resilience

One of the highly effective measures you can take for your worksite security is to install anti-nudge hoops with double hoops. In fact, it can provide excellent protection for your columns and pillars, making it ideal for those warehouses and factories where there is frequent forklift activity. With these anti-nudge double hoops, you have two options when it comes to installation for added convenience; fixed by plugs and cast in concrete.
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Höjd Mounting Width Availability Unit Price SKU Qty
650 mm Casting in concrete 1000 mm 1-2 days £247.00 477.70BG
1150 mm Casting in concrete 1000 mm 1-2 days £263.00 477.71BG
650 mm Fixed by plugs 1000 mm 1-2 days £286.00 477.70PBG
1150 mm Fixed by plugs 1000 mm 1-2 days £301.00 477.71PBG
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Anti-Nudge Hope, Double Hope

Anti-nudge hoop Double hoop Steel tube Ø 76 mm hot-dip galvanized and coated yellow with black stripes.

Stationary, for casting in concrete.

For plugging down.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Dimension Ø 76 mm
Color Hot-dip galvanized, powder-coated yellow, with black warning stripes
Width 1000 mm
Height 650 mm; 1150 mm
Mounting Casting in concrete; Fixed by plugs
Weight 19.0000; 29.5000

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